Peter Olsen 

   photo by Barrett Russell


photo by Barrett Russell


1. Sponsors

Buoyancy, Visitor Co., 7Grounds

2. Hometown

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

3. Favourite riding spots

Covered black asphalt hockey rink in Blue River, BC was my favourite spot I can remember as it was big, flat, quiet, covered from the wind and rain yet had beautiful mountains in the back ground

4. Favourite riders

Ross Smith, Kerry GATT, Osicka, Steve Mulder + Dan Rigby are the first ones that come to mind just because they were so innovative and controlled but they did tricks in what I've always thought was the most proper way possible. On the flip side, Akira Okamura and Pedro are two other favourite riders but more for their creativity and spontaneity. For me, I've always been a student of flatland and BMX so all of these riders have influenced me in different ways over the years to push my riding in certain ways

5. Favourite flat videos

InTRIKat Blend and Connect, Millenium

6. Hobbies

 At the moment my life is really split between working two full time jobs, spending time with my wife / family and riding, so due to lack of time lately hobbies have played a small role in my life. I spend a lot of time going for walks in nature with my wife lately. I want to get back into doing more art, maybe some wood working, playing basketball or billiards when I can or reading books.  Maybe playing some music.

7. Music -

Lately I've been listening to Thundercat's "Drunk" album, Radio Juicy mixes (on SoundCloud), Adeodat Wakefield, Future Islands and some others. I like to listen to all kinds of music to suit all kinds of mood and to hear new sounds so I'm always trying to research new music