Naoki Watanabe

Naoki mid .jpg

1, Sponsors/ Buoyancy

2, Home town/ Moriya Ibaraki Japan
   Home riding spot/somewhere close to Moriya train station or Forest 21 in Matsudo

3, Favorite riders/
   Brian Turney, I like his slow and heavy riding style
   Dane Beardsley, Skillfull, too good.
   Nathan Penonzek, Beautiful.

4, Rider who inspired you the most/                                      Kotaro Oishi. There was a period of time I was riding a lot and he was kindly riding with me.

  I consider him as my master, unofficial though. I think I learnt how to ride BMX, how to enjoy it and how free and how cool about BMX from him.  

5, Favorite BMX video                                              SameThingDaily
  Video Name                                                                               Standard Country

6, Hobbies, interest outside BMX,
Playing with my kid. Since I have a kid I have more time spending with my kid and less time for riding though I still ride. Also less seeing others, and I am not up to date with current flatland, the trend of setting and the tricks etc. Although it gave me a time to think about the combos and how I should ride to be myself.    

7, Music for riding
I don’t listen to music when I ride. I listen to some radio programs but I won’t recommend to others to listen to the radio program while they ride. If you are laughing while you ride alone, you gotta be creepy from others.