Akihiko Takahashi


1, Sponsors/                                                                      Punkdrunkers, Hommage BMX shop, Buoyancy

2, Home town/ Ichihara Chiba Japan
Home spot/ There is an empty space in the factory where I work

3, Favorite riding spot/                                                                  My work place. This spot is private property and it is perfect for my riding style since I ride only backwards if there are people around me it's hard to ride. If there wasn't the riding spot in my work place I don't think I could develop my riding style. 

4, Favorite rider, riders who inspired the most/        Alexis Desolneux, Cory Fester
In my opinion, those two have done most difficult backwards tricks switches. They were always ahead of me and I had thought that I should learn tricks which they might not had done, otherwise I would always be behind them. 

5, Favorite BMX video
Intrikat series
Props Ground work
Landscape                                                                                      Mixt                                                                                                    I had watched Flatland Manifest as the VHS tapes worn out.


6, Hobbies

Marvel movies,
When I was in the Junior high school I was into fighting games then I got into Marvel movies. In the past years the marvel anime were made into the live action version. I have watched them all as well as the spin off TV shows. I longed for the marvel characters, they were like psychic or mystic and I wanted to have a special power like them.  BMX riders were also psychic or mystic for me I guess this is why I started to ride BMX
Also building plastic models of Gundam. I was into the plastic model when I was at junior school and I hadn’t built any since then. About four or five years ago, all of sudden, I got into it again. Just building the Gundam kits is the thing I was doing at the junior school, what I am doing is to make the old kit which they are produced anymore into new kit using the parts from some new kits. If you build a normal kit, it takes just 30mins but I keep trail and error for combining the old kit with the new kit for more than six months just for one kit. It really needs patience like Flatland.